President Obama is adamant about fixing immigration all on his own - whether congress likes it or not. The President has announced that he will invoke executive power to enact immigration initiatives that Congress won't pass. What makes this drastic action even more concerning, is that just three years ago the President promised to never use executive action for immigration issues.

In 2011, President Obama said that bypassing Congress to reform immigration was tempting, but ultimately "not how our democracy functions". He's right. Democracy values the voices of the people over the voice of one person in power.

Democracy is what happened in the last mid-term election, when Americans decided that they didn't want Obama-style immigration reform and handed both houses of Congress over to the Republicans. But President Obama, unhappy with the will of the people he's paid to represent, is flip-flopping on himself and Americans. He didn't get the Congress he wanted, so he's going to use his executive privilege to circumvent democracy.

There's good reason for Congress to vote against President Obama's immigration reform. The President's policy would effectively grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. The policy ignores what America really needs and wants: enhanced border security and better immigration law enforcement. American's don't want amnesty and they said so when they voted earlier this month.

So, what was the President's justification for taking power from Congress? He said deporting illegal immigrants is, "contrary to our character". Surely someone who goes back on his word is the last person who should be talking about "character".


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