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Once again we witness callous deeds and political spin, and once again we hear the excuses made by political bureaucrats, in the shameful way our veterans are being mistreated, even in death.

And aside from the long delays, the incompetence and bureaucratic red tape, even the handling of the dead has now fallen into disrepair at several VA hospitals, one such VA hospital is the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, located in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, which has received a mountain of complaints from family members of deceased veterans.

The complaint lodged against the hospital names Christopher Wirtjes, who is the Chief of Patient Administrative Services, states; “The Chief of PAS has the funds available, yet has no sense of urgency to lay the veteran to rest.”


Sen. Mark Kirk investigating the abuse stated “Hines VA — the hospital that has been overrun with cockroaches and mold and left vets waiting for care for months on secret wait lists, has reached a new low in the treatment of our veterans,” Kirk said in an interview with Fox. “We now have reports of bodies being left to decompose in the morgue for months on end.”

He continued; “Some veteran’s remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more until they are stacked to capacity at times,” reads the complaint, “The level of decay was so pronounced that at least one of the bodies had liquefied. When the staff tried to remove it, the body-bag burst”.

Kirk also called for the immediate firing of Wirtjes.

A paper trail establishes the neglect:

“[There is] an invoice for an unclaimed veteran that has been here for over 30 days. Please approve for burial at Abraham Lincoln,” a clerk wrote to Wirtjes.

“Approval of unclaimed Vet D?? Status?” He wrote again days later.

After no reply he wrote: “Any further on my poor unclaimed? I WILL file a police report, but I hate doing that…”

Hospital spokesperson Rick Fox refuted the allegations:

“We take whistle-blower allegations very seriously and absolutely agree that all of our veterans deserve dignity and respect, in life and in death. While our investigation into this matter is still ongoing, we have found allegations related to consistent problems with dignified and timely burials to be unsubstantiated. However, we have taken this opportunity to review our policies and procedures and are currently working to improve them.”


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