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One must commend Fox host Tucker Carlson for his incredible patience and his good-natured restraint in actually allowing this young bright however clueless student to ramble on and on for well over 8-minutes, only to be as confused as when he first started the segment.

The student named Jake Bittle from the University of Chicago, is apparently protesting the appearance of Trump’s Press Secretary, and has written a rather lengthy article, in how to protest Trump’s surrogate at the university.

Which includes everything from actually verbally confronting Sean Spicer stand on global warming to flipping cars, which left the good-natured Carlson chuckling to himself, asking “I have a bunch of questions. The first is, whose cars are you going to flip?"

Which apparently caught Bittle in a state of utter confusion and attempting to explain his rather bizarre reasoning for that presumed action, stating that he didn’t have a national platform like Spicer, so apparently creating mayhem, for the sole purpose of creating mayhem seems like a good idea, which had Carlson chuckling all the more.

The interview concluded with more questions than answers for the young progressive rebel, who seemed unsure if he wanted to actually flip cars,  trash talk, debate Spicer on the issues, or perhaps become a fashion consultant for up and coming  conservatives…or perhaps all of the above.

On the flip side I actually enjoyed watching Carlson attempting to navigate through the confusing mind of a clueless progressive protester...well done Tucker!


Do you think Carlson got the best of this arrogant liberal whack job?

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