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Being a committed Trump supporter no doubt has its problems, in that placing a Trump bumper sticker on your $30,000 dollar auto, let alone on your front lawn, in support of Trump, comes with sizable risk for fear of some leftist loon vandalizing and or destroying your property.

Compare those actions with those of conservatives, who for the most part would respect ones right to display whatever they wanted, without committing thuggish acts, and that’s perhaps the one fundamental difference between committed progressives and conservatives, in that the “ends should never simply justify the means.”

This story simply mirrors the countless documented acts of the loony left who apparently follow the lead of the lawless Obama/Clinton gang.

This latest incident took place in Indianapolis, when a Trump supporter placed his sign on their front lawn.

“I looked out my front door and the sign was lying about four feet over, and it was crumpled up pretty good,” he recalled.

The ingenious homeowner apparently savvy enough about the thuggish behavior of the left, tied fishing wire to the sign and then spray-painted it green, to camouflage it as part of his lawn.

And this time he installed a camera in the event another would-be-thief would return, and of course they did, as this video illustrates, the fleeing jerk falls on her face, after running out of string.

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