One of the biggest differences we've seen between President Trump and Former President Obama is the stark differences in the treatment of our armed forces. Whereas Obama saw our armed forces as nothing more than his minions and personal servants, even going as far as to make our Marines stand in the rain and hold an umbrella over his head during one of his many rants, President Donald Trump has the utmost respect for our military.

Trump has been working constantly to create and fix programs to make sure our soldiers and vets get the care and treatment they deserve, but it doesn't stop there.

Trump has shown time and time again during his presidential campaign and now as president that he cares for each and every man and woman who serve and their families, regularly thanking them and acknowledging them at speeches and various other events.

Perhaps one of the most telling gestures President Trump did was after he returned home from Germany, he went to board Marine One at Andrews Air Force Base. As he approached the helicopter, he stopped and turned to a Marine that was poised in salute.

The Marine's white hat had been blown from his head and president Trump stopped and then bent over to pick it up before placing it back on the Marine's head.

Take a look at the video below:

It's the small things like this that just prove that Trump respects our servicemen down to the core.

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