Were you aware that at the Trump rally over in Anaheim, California some yahoo of an event organizer told the future president that there was no time for America’s national anthem?  It would need to be skipped so as to get on with the show.


That did not sit well with The Donald. He took the stage and relayed the matter to the crowd. Then he followed it up with, “Yes, we do.”

Of course we do! There is never a time when there is “not enough time” for the national anthem. You cut a speaker, part of speech, or something else before you give the Star Spangled Banner the ax. Trump called the woman who was to perform the anthem to the stage. Then he stepped aside while she belted it out.

He had his hand over his heart and there were no eye rolls, no mutterings, no looking like he would rather be anywhere else. There was a presidential air in the room.

This is not a man who will ask “all this for a flag?” like our near and dear FLOTUS. This is not a man who will allow the Constitution to be referred to as a dusty old document. This is not a guy who will then pull that document out and use it to his advantage when it suits him.

This is a man who, like him or not, loves this country. There were several Republican candidates for whom we can say the same. But, there is only one left standing, and that is Donald Trump. He will make America great again, and he will do that by leading by example, as he did in Anaheim.

It is time for all of us to quit setting our nation aside and Make America Great Again.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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