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If massive enthusiastic crowds that number into the tens of thousands are any indication of victory come November 8th, then without question Donald J. Trump will be our next Commander-in-Chief!

Tuesday afternoon “Trump Force One” landed in Sanford, Florida under a beautiful sunny October day with thousands of ‘TRUMPSTERS” on hand to greet the next president of the United States, the crowds began to gather earlier in the day, some arriving at the crack of dawn to find a perfect spot to see their candidate “up close and personal” and of course “the Donald” didn’t disappoint any of them.

The army of “Deplorables” came with banners and signs, and more importantly in good cheer, to hear their candidate speaking of making “America Great” again, and of honoring those who have sacrificed to make this country a bacon of freedom.

The brief video clip captures “Trump Force One” on the runway, and the good-natured crowd anticipating Trumps arrival, ready to hear him speak about the continued and unraveling WikiLeaks emails and the not so shocking news that ObamaCare premiums are about to hit a 20, 30, 40 and even a 50% hike in the coming year, and perhaps by years end (in 2017), a total collapse of Obama’s signature legislation.

Moreover the news of the potential massive increases couldn’t have come at a more perfect moment, politically speaking, in that with less than 14-days to go until Election Day, progressive governance is finally on full display and one can actually feel the momentum slowly shifting towards Trump.




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