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Within just a little over 3-minutes Trey Gowdy masterfully turns the tables on Attorney General Lynch, asking her a series of straight forward basic questions in a non adversarial and friendly manner of how “she” would handle classified information.

Gowdy casually lays the groundwork engaging Lynch in a series of basic security questions and of course Lynch responds in kind, in that she would never personally use an unsecured personal email evolving security issues, and Gowdy asks her “why?”

Which of course Lynch as no recourse but to respond, demonstrating Gowdy’s opening statement of a dual process, one for the political elite and another for the rest of America.

Within just a little over 3-minutes Gowdy disarmed Lynch’s continued use of hiding behind FBI Director Comey and finally revealed herself, not as a law enforcement agent seeking the truth but rather as a political operative, protecting the duel system and running interference for both the Clinton's and of course President Obama.

In the final analysis what these two open investigations revealed is a system in need of repair and of the hypocrisy within the FBI, the Department of Justice, and finally within the White House… where it all begins.

Moreover these hearings have hopefully awakened those citizens to realize that indeed the system is rigged, and while some may view Trump with some reservation, like it or not, he’s the “firewall” that will stop this “transformation” of America.

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