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As conservatives we believe that no one is above the law, we believe that those we elect into office follow the principles set forth within our Constitution, we believe when laws are abridged, ignored or misused then it’s up to either the judicial or legislative branches of government to bring those individuals into compliance, and that’s how our Republic has worked for almost 300 years.

However not anymore, and like millions of other proud conservatives I’ve grown cynical of the continued sideshows within congress being played out at the expense of the American people.

No doubt honorable and brave legislators like Trey Gowdy still exist, and are still fighting the good fight by masterfully highlighting the absurd, the corruption, the dishonesty, and the willful malfeasance that now exists within those institutions that once defined America as a government by the people.

Gowdy once again picked up the gauntlet, and focused on the FBI’s refusal to hand over the 302 reports, and the announcement that the only way the FBI’s would relinquish the documents would be by a lawsuit from a Freedom Of Information Act inquiry (FOIA), which of course drew fire from the young legal scholar.

Reminiscent of that dramatic moment when another honorable legislator Jason Chaffetz, took the same FBI official to task, before slapping him with a subpoena, for those same documents.

It seems that the wagons have circled tightly around Hillary Clinton, as both the Justice Department along with the FBI, are no doubt taking their marching orders directly from the White House, in their attempt to protect Clinton.

Watch and enjoy as Gowdy gets after these losers:

If you think Trey Gowdy has and important and valid point please share this with your family and friends. Speak up and be heard!

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