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After viewing this 5-minute video clip of Trey Gowdy explain the law, common sense and basic critical thinking skills to the three clueless liberal journalists employed by MSNBC, I'm reminded of the 1970’s sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati” and the “Turkey Drop” episode when reporter Les Nesman convenes the radio station to do a Thanksgiving promotion on air by dropping from a helicopter live turkeys over a shopping mall, and has each turkey is thrown out of the hovering helicopter, hitting the ground with a thud, Nesman suddenly realizes how stupid he actually is, and is heard exclaiming in a panicked voice: "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

And that pretty much explains the MSNBC interview in which Gowdy felt obligated to educate the hapless Clinton surrogates disguised as journalists, explaining that it was Hillary Clinton who stonewalled, delayed, and attempted to obstruct justice not FBI Director Comey and it was Huma Abedin who apparently decided not to relinquish all of her electronic devices to the FBI, and it was sexual pervert Anthony Weiner who’s shared laptop uncovered an additional 675,000 “new emails.”

The three blissful surrogates each took a shot at Gowdy, attempting to get some type of pro Hillary response even attempting to ask Gowdy what was more worrisome the already disproved Trump/Russian connection or Hillary’s email dilemma?

Gowdy of course responded as only he can, saying to the foolish journalist, is this an either or question? And then following up with: “it’s like asking me which of my two children I prefer?”

One can only wonder if these three fools were dropped from a helicopter, who would hit the ground first?


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