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“She is the author of her own destiny”! That cryptic remark by Congressman Trey Gowdy was in response to host Megyn Kelly’s attempting to put into perspective the “seismic political earthquake” that has just befallen Hillary Clinton.

The explosive news about the FBI re-investigating Hillary’s email fiasco came without warning catching both the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign off guard.

Gowdy appearing on the “Kelly File” was asked about the unexpected and unprecedented announcement by FBI Director James Comey to take a second look reopen his probe into Hillary Clinton's emails.

"It's pretty extraordinary, because Secretary Clinton had an extraordinary email arrangement with herself. She is the author of her own destiny. Everything that has happened since then is the natural probable consequence of deciding you're going to have a rogue email system.”

Gowdy continued: So I understand she's upset. And I understand that she doesn't like the timing. But she need look no further than herself."

The extraordinary sequence of events began a day or so before Comey’s blockbuster announcement of an apparently unrelated probe of sleaze-bag Anthony Weiner (the estranged husband of Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin), and the apparent discovery of additional Clinton emails on Weiner’s electronic devices, which apparently both shared.


No doubt the timing of the new probe couldn’t have come at a worst time for the Obama/Clinton gang, however and perhaps the irony to all of this is that both Hillary and Huma have latched on to two sexual predators, which simply illustrates what Trump has been saying all along in that Hillary simply has “bad judgment” to be president.

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