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Trey Gowdy is an American, a leader and lastly a politician in that order and his priorities are on full display as he stands up for the Constitution of the United States and the Second Amendment in particular when a liberal gun-hating Obama puppet tries to make their ridiculous point.

Obama and Hillary have taken on the cause to use a "no-fly" list to restrict the rights of law-abiding American citizens. Of course allowing terror suspects to have guns is something nobody wants but having a list maintained by liberals in Washington with no legal way of getting of this list is a constitutional violation.

In a hearing Gowdy unloads on an official after she is asked about the illegal practice and leaves her utterly silent. Crickets ladies and gentleman and she deserves the humiliation that Gowdy dishes out.


We can't stop cheering on Trey Gowdy as he stands up for your and our rights.

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