Joey Salads, internet You-Tube personality, decided to undertake a social experiment. His goal was to test how real women, those with “innies,” would respond to a trans-gender man, still with an “outtie,” using a ladies restroom. 

In his video, he describes his process. It simply involves putting on some women’s clothing, getting “transgender approved,” by his trans friend, and heading to a public bathroom somewhere near you.

He is portraying himself as an in-transition guy, so he uses his natural voice, walks like a man, and displays not a single feminine trait. 

If his experiment is to be believed, and this is all not an act with willing participants, it is safe to say that women are not fans. He was met with resistance by all but one female. He was kicked out of the restroom by the women time and again.

Here’s the deal. We keep electing bonehead wusses to office. We keep electing people to positions of power who are only interested in representing the very vocal, very irate, minorities of minorities.

We keep electing officials who only care about their jobs and nobody else. As such, they compromise every principal they have and cave into the pressures of a mini-mob.

We need to quite electing pansys. We need to tell all of the companies threatening to quit doing business in states who want to hold onto the concept of at-birth gender via nature, to take their business elsewhere.

You can’t serve two masters. It’s either money or it isn’t and if our officials continue to serve and worship money (in the form of votes), then our society is lost.

Source: Mad World News


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