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Here we go again! Another useless local municipal board similar to those privately instituted community boards within housing developments, is once again attempting to be politically correct at the expense of this Republic.

Moreover the sheer arrogance and apparent ignorance of these council members both within municipalities and those sitting within those home owners associations, is simply breathtaking, in that in almost every case at the start of those proceedings within those municipal boards the National Anthem is recited, along with the Pledge of Allegiance, so why the stupidly?

And perhaps that’s a good place to begin when board members serving the town of Poughkeepsie in up sate New York ordered Arlington Fire District Chief Tony Gallante to remove all the American flags from the rear of his trucks.

This of course sparked a firestorm of outrage from the community and also across the nation.
The dust-up took place when three members of the local fire board said that the flags were a “liability” and a “distraction to motorists.”

However simply making that statement without any factual data to back up that claim seems more of a politically correct tactic then a concern for safety.

Joseph Tarquinio, local firefighters’ union president, stated that the removal of the flags was a mistake, reminding those: “next to flag burning” at a time when the “country needs unity.”

Perhaps the real reason for the controversy was that board members were not consulted before the flags were posted on the fire trucks, and of course for anyone who has ever had to deal with a home owners association, a little power is all that’s required to make ones life miserable.

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