We've all been there. You call the cable guy out to fix your cable, he shows up an hour late, messes around with your cable box for a while, tells you he can't fix it and then leaves. Then you have to get on the phone call them again and pay them to come do the job that you already paid them for.

It's enough to make anybody go mad and it's even worse when you have to deal with them and they're not even fixing your cable. Clearly this Florida man reached his breaking point and decided he couldn't deal with the cable company anymore, he had to act.

In a hilarious attempt to get the two AT&T trucks parked outside his house to leave, the man grabbed his revolver and began walking around the trucks, ever so calmly shooting out each and every one of their tires, as well as the engine block.

Shortly thereafter, the police were called and the ticked off man was taken into custody. As of now the investigation is still ongoing, but this man will be hard pressed to get away with this one seeing as somebody caught the whole thing on camera, and thank goodness they did.

Take a look for yourself, maybe you'll sympathise, maybe you wont, at least you'll have a good laugh.

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