Good Lord we have dumb people among us. This guy, Lil’ Maine from Louisiana (obviously learned geography with Common Core), is threatening to kill Donald Trump. All because he “heard” that Trump is coming after his welfare-momma’s food stamps.

He claims to have connections with ISIS. He says they just “called him” and asked him to go to work for them.

Considering how random ISIS is, and their extensive social networking and black-ops like intelligentsia, Lil’ Maine might be telling the truth.

In which case he should be arrested and water-boarded. Lil’ “Punk” Maine, says he is going to take Trump “all the way down.” He also claims the he and ISIS have “grenades.”

Do you think that the Secret Service will pay Lil’ Maine a visit? They should.

They paid Ted Nugent a visit right? Nugent never threatened anybody, yet this clown is threatening the next President of the United States.

Terrorism, and the threats of terrorism, are not something to be taken lightly. Trump is owed the duty of our government to investigate this idiot. As are the rest of us.

A threat to Trump is a threat to everyone in the United States. Especially when it comes to someone like Lil’ Maine who is unhinged and has delusion of terrorist grandeur.

Source: Mad World News


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