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It seems it’s getting a lot tougher working within a service industry, where one needs to constantly interact with customers, and no doubt those within law enforcement face the biggest danger from an ever-increasing hostile environment of lawless misfits.

However as this brief video clip illustrates violent thugs aren’t confined to just harassing police, those out there providing everyday consumer services are also being assaulted or in this particular instance attempted assault.

The silent surveillance video captures a 7/11 store and a fairly large bald-headed individual apparently behind a counter, bad-mouthing a much smaller and lighter 7/11 clerk, the bald-headed individual seems to be getting a lot more animated and aggressive, waving his arms and seemingly more menacing towards the clerk who is standing directly in front of the aggressive individual, who appears at one point to actually spit in the face of the clerk.

The clerk does not respond as the bald-headed man momentarily looks away and then attempts a surprise “sucker-punch”. However the surprise comes from the docile clerk who instantly blocks the punch, and turns into an aggressive attacker throwing punches and knocking the bigger man down, pouncing on him while raining down punches on the hapless fool and knocking him out cold.

Perhaps the moral to this story, is to “never judge a book by its cover.”


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