One thing was certain at Tuesday’s press briefing, reporter Matt Lee of the Associated Press wasn’t about to let State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki off the hook over the treatment of the administration’s apparent and obvious double-standard of Israel and the administration’s passive none response to Iran’s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calling once again “death to America!”

“When the supreme leader of Iran is continuing, in the middle of these negotiations, to make statements like “death to America,” how is that not problematic?" Lee asked. "Why are you just willing to let it slide, basically? And you are holding the prime minister of Israel to comments that he made that have since changed.”

The exchange between the two continued with Jean Psaki attempting to defuse the grilling by suggesting the strong relationship that exists between America and Israel; however those scripted talking points seemed to merely add more fuel to the fire as Lee continued the verbal barrage, firing back “The Iranians can be trusted and the Israelis can’t?

Given the fact that the mainstream media is no longer an independent force ferreting out the news and asking tough questions, this heated “dust up” between Matt Lee and Jen Psaki was indeed an unusual exchange and certainly worth a peek.

The back story to this exchange however began on Saturday in Tehran, when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader led a crowd in chanting “death to America.” However the fact that Iran has for decades been calling for the demise of America, should come as no surprise, to anyone. However with negotiations being at such a critical stage for Iran to publicly mock the administration speaks volumes of Iran’s contempt and openly defiant attitude

The dilemma for Obama is to convince the public and those within congress that his outright hostility towards the Prime Minister of Israel doesn’t compromise the security of that nation or damage the strong alliance between the U.S. and Israel. Obama has already demonstrated that he’s not interested in mending fences. If anything he seems more entrenched now then before the Prime Minister spoke to congress with a   clear cohesive message and an understanding of the deal currently being worked out and he delivered the message as a true world leader, upstaging Obama’s attempt to push through an ambiguous deal, simply for political expediency.

The irony of course is that while we hold all the cards, it seems that Iran is setting the terms and the agenda, is it any wonder then why the Prime Minister of Israel is concerned.





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