It may be that “The Donald’s” unscripted and less than politically correct speech may have finally caught the ear of those senior citizens that traditionally as a group seldom speak out bluntly and without reservation.

However this granny has apparently had enough, and made her feelings heard (in English), at a local IHOP when apparently she heard people speaking Spanish.

Now to be far, most of us if we go back a few generations have parents, grandparents, and perhaps great grandparents that migrated to America from other lands indeed America is a “melting pot”, of wonderfully diverse cultures and ethnic  backgrounds that should be “celebrated”.

However there is a fundamental difference between those immigrants of the past and today’s immigrant who come to America with an attitude and perhaps even at times with an “arrogance” that simply refuses to assimilate within the American culture.

Holding on to ones traditions is indeed important, and countless generation of immigrants and those first-born Americans have for years assimilated into American culture successfully, and have achieved wonderful things in accessing the “American Dream.”

Obviously no one should be discriminated for the way they look, or the language they speak, and likewise no one should take advantage of America’s benevolence, in short learn the language of your adopted country, learn its history, and work towards becoming a legal US citizen, and perhaps granny won’t tell you to “speak English”!

h/t: Mad World News

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