The 9/11 hijackers were terrorists secretly training in America's backyard, so the idea of “terror cells” has been an on again, off again topic. Many news publication that are either non-mainstream, or considered conspiratorial, have been reporting on several sightings of terror camps within the U.S.

Unlike the bombardment of videos of Islamic extremists performing calisthenics and firing weapons, no pun intended, this threat is much closer to your backyard. Fox News is now reporting that the Clarion Project has video evidence that one such terror cell or camp, might exist about 150 miles from NYC.

Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for the Clarion Project, shared a video on Fox's O'Reilly Factor that purports to show armed Islamic extremists training in formations. The video was taken around the infamous “Islamberg”. The disturbing area of potential Islamic terrorists is more than 60 acres, and is owned and operated by a group called “The Muslims of America”. The video, that Mauro said he obtained from law enforcement, shows a dozen armed men marching in formations. The video is very shoddy, and seems to be a cell phone recording.

If the name of this group sounds new to you, that is okay. It is news to many others. However, it has been in existence since 1980.


The population of Islamberg is unknown, nor is the several other compounds around the country, that are also run by Muslims of America, according to the Clarion Project. The group purports that its purpose is “establishing and maintaining Islamic principles to be practiced in both letter and spirit while fulfilling and embracing obligations as American citizens”. Somehow, apparently, these things go hand in hand?

However, according to The Blaze in an article from last February, an investigation started by the FBI in the 1990s revealed something far more sinister. The FBI was monitoring the group in Colorado at the behest of state Department of Labor fraud specialist Susan Feng. After the FBI dropped the case for unspecified reasons, Feng continued with her own investigation.

According to Feng, the investigation uncovered money laundering, bomb-making material, and list of terrorist targets that included Los Angeles, Colorado, and Arizona. The targets were military installations, oil and gas installations, and electrical facilities. Then, and current leader of the Muslims of America Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, was found to be laundering money with overseas operations. Several felony convictions were served to member of TMOA.

Despite these connections, and past convictions, the group is not designated a “foreign terrorist organization”. The Blaze also reported that Gilani, in the 1980s, established more than 20 Islamic compounds across the United States with key sites in New York, South Carolina, Virginia and Texas. It all seems ironic that many dispelled rumors of potential training camps, or even the mere mention of creepy subject matter of this video known as “Islamberg”.


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