In what amounted to a verbal slap down, a young Black man, made famous for a video he made tearing apart Obama, has taken the battle to another polemical figure in American discussions about race—Al Sharpton.

C.J. Pearson is just twelve years old, but already he’s shaping up to be a more powerful voice for Blacks and justice than any of the talking heads that the liberal media have been touting.

In his online video on Western Journalism’s website Pearson attacks Sharpton for not caring about the Black community and for turning issues of flawed justice, like the Walter Scott shooting, into a play to have the act labeled race baiting.

“We’re more sensible than you, Al. We’re not in this for the money, we’re in this for the voice,” says Pearson.

He continues on by saying that polemicists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pretend to give Blacks a voice and do good but in fact stir hatred and dissent among American communities.

Pearson’s videos have already gained him thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel and over two million total views—and he’s only twelve years old.

His viewpoints show that the liberal left media truly has the loudest voice, but that they don’t speak for the majority of any American demographic. It’s refreshing to hear someone call Sharpton and Jackson out for who they are.


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