Two Florida women made what is perhaps the worst blunder in the middle of a robbery ever, when they attempted to steal over $500 worth of items from a grocery store.

The mothers, Jessica Barker and Kristen Grodetz, loaded a shopping cart with numerous items and then attempted to roll the shopping cart out of the store without paying for anything. Unfortunately for the women, a store surveillance camera caught everything on tape, including their faces.

Their biggest and most boneheaded blunder, however, occurred when a store employee caught the women rolling the shopping cart out of the store and demanded that they return the items. Instead, one of the women grabbed her three-year-old who was riding in the cart and they fled the scene. The blunder? Both women somehow forgot their 11-year-old daughters who were also with them in the grocery store.

Those 11-year-olds were taken into police custody and called their mothers, who promised to return for them. So far that hasn't happened and the children are being cared for by Child Services. The two mothers who didn't have the sense to bring their children with them when they fled from the scene of the crime are being charged by police with grand theft and child neglect.

h/t: Live Leak, Mad World News

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