The message is loud and clear “YOU LOOT WE SHOOT” there’s nothing ambiguous or vague about the hand written sign posted in Atascocita, Texas. There’s no hidden message, no convoluted abstract thinking, and perhaps that’s the beauty of the “Lone Star” state. While other cities and towns all across America wrestle with a variety of social issues, Texas, for the most part, remains clear-eyed in their approach in dealing with social issues and more importantly with this catastrophic and historic event.

The sign posted quickly became the topic of conversation as two Houston-area homeowners warned; "You come down this street looking for problems, you're gonna get shot," they told Fox Reporter Griff Jenkins.

Another sign had an equally simple yet profound message: "Nothing inside worth dying for." The sign included the image of a humanoid shooting target with bullet holes in its head and chest.

Jenkins, however, had heard those same warnings just days before when he was accompanying the local sheriff on a rescue mission about the possibility of individuals coming into the area and looting. The sheriff had a clear message, stating Texas is a Second Amendment state, its citizen’s pack, and then with a smile suggested if potential looters don’t want to leave the Lone Star state in a “body-bag,” they best to stay away.

Moreover witnessing the tragic event of Hurricane Harvey’s path of destruction across Houston and the surrounding areas, one couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for America, thanks to those Texans who reminded us all what true grit, perseverance, resolve and independence is all about.

There’s little if any of the “victimization syndrome” that now seems prevalent all across America, in which groups of individuals now complain about all the reasons why they can’t achieve the “American Dream.”

By actually blaming old statues and monuments of a by-gone era for their circumstances, moreover depending on government assistance rather than rediscovering the “work ethic” and even when they do achieve the “American Dream” some still complain about their circumstances by taking a knee on the sideline of a football stadium.

And perhaps that’s the reason why Texas is such an inspiration to what America once was, neighbor taking care of neighbor during the most trying times and protecting each other if need be.

Do you think the principles that govern TEXAS is what America needs today?

Source: Fox 5

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