The one indisputable fact when it come to our military, is once their given a mission they’re unstoppable, and the few time they’ve failed in completing a mission it’s usually  because of the gutless politically motivated leadership coming out of Washington.

This video simply confirms what every veteran already knows and perhaps has experienced.

When the ‘bad guys” think they have you on the run or pined down, that’s when the American military is at their best…as these terrorists soon found out.

The video showed a one-story building through the sights of a gunship just hovering overhead, and terrorists engaged in a firefight, and shooting out of the windows  at the  approaching American soldiers,  as one was clearly hit and apparently wounded, and on the ground.

And that’s when our gunship immediately took action, by first communicating to the troops on the ground, to stand down and retreat, to a safe distance. “Can we get that building lit up by the gunship?” asked one of the soldiers who had pulled back and was waiting for the fireworks to commence.

And within moments America’s firepower was unleashed with a barrage of 30 mm caliber rounds, killing all within the building and reducing the front of structure to ruble, and once the dust settled our wounded worrier was immediately evacuated to safety.

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h/t: Conservative Tribune


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