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Once again we witness another clueless educator emulating an outrageous act, usually committed by young street thugs on the nightly news, under the guise of educating young impressionable minds.

History teacher Lee Francis apparently thought it would be a good idea to torch the American Flag in class, however when he couldn’t find a match, he decided to cut “old glory” to shreds, however when that didn’t work, he decided to simply throw our flag to the ground, and stomp on it.

No doubt Francis got the reaction he was looking for, from his bemused students.
And apparently a lot more than the North Carolina teacher had bargained for, when a photo of him appeared on Facebook stomping on the flag.

The hapless Massey Hill Classical High School teacher explained that he was attempting to demonstrate to his students the concept of the First Amendment, and in one’s freedom of expression.

However that didn’t apparently sit well with the school, and Francis was placed on paid leave until the incident is resolved, which drew a response from him; “It’s really disconcerting, my question to everyone is, who is entitled to freedom of speech? Does everyone have access to freedom of speech? It’s unfortunate that all this has happened.”

Francis’s remarks drew an immediate rebuttal from the school; “Clearly, there are other ways to teach First Amendment rights without desecrating the flag,” Superintendent Frank Till said in a statement released Tuesday.


Source: Fox


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