The one thing the media does exceptionally well is divide people; along racial, gender and political lines. Most journalists within the news business are committed ideologues spinning their brand of reality to the general public, day in and day out, until it’s almost impossible to actually distinguish the created myth from the actual man.

Moreover within those newsrooms across America journalist, producers, and political operatives use snippets of information in fabricating a narrative along with a story-line usually tied together by innuendo, allegations and the all too often “nameless sources” presented as fact.

Therefore it’s not at all unusual when a Democratic voter actually meets the president face to face and walks away with a far different opinion of the president than what CNN, MSNBC or a score of different media outlets portray the Commander-in-Chief to be.

One such encounter took place on Saturday when President Trump made a second trip to storm scared Texas, to survey and comfort those who suffered through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The president along with the first lady arrived in Houston where he was greeted by Gov. Greg Abbott at Ellington Field, and traveled by motorcade to a large relief center, housing hundreds of displaced and homeless victims.


The president within moments of his arrival began wading into the crowd smiling; and began greeting all who came to meet him, comforting some, chatting with others, taking pictures, picking up and hugging children, as the first lady smiling looked on, moments later the president was behind a table handing out lunch boxes, and of course engaging everyone in brief conversation.

Moreover, right before our eyes the “commander-in-chief” was transformed instantly into the “comforter-in-chief” a role that he easily felt comfortable with, this was Donald Trump the man, the father, the grandfather, and the husband reaching out to those in need, both Democrats and Republicans alike

One lifelong Democrat woman after meeting the president exclaimed to a reporter for KABC that she had changed her views regarding the president, stating; “I had a different opinion of him, and now I think that he’s a wonderful man.”

Moreover, there seems to be universal consensus that the president provided what the country needed most at a pivotal moment; comfort, support, and more importantly a quick federal response in getting the financial resources in rebuilding lives.

Do you believe Democratic voters might actually have a more favorable opinion since President Trumps handling of Hurricane Harvey and it’s aftermath?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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