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It seems that with all this talk of late, from the mainstream media and now with the Obama Administration wanting to investigate foreign countries leaking and hacking into America’s emails in particular with the RUSSIANS. It might be a good idea to take a pause, and perhaps see what Green Party (and Clinton surrogate) Jill Stein has just uncovered right here at home in “Mowtown”…VOTER FRAUD!

Obviously Jill’s intent from the outset in seeking a recount was quite frankly bizarre in that with just about 1% of the vote, Jill certainly wasn’t attempting to wrestle the nomination from President-elect Trump, nor was she looking towards the hapless Clinton, more likely than not Stein found a clever way to bankroll her 2020 campaign bid.

Moreover her unintended recount bid has apparently uncovered massive voter fraud in Clinton’s own backyard of Detroit.

In Wayne County officials uncovered major discrepancies, in which 248 out of 662 precincts more ballots were counted (for Hillary) then the actual numbers tabulated by poll workers, in short  officials uncovered more votes than voters.

Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck said, “The state needs to investigate whether or not the cause of the ballot count discrepancies in Detroit and elsewhere throughout the state are the result of fraud or negligence,”

Isn’t interesting how politicians always seem to commingle those two words “fraud” and “negligence” when they get caught doing something they shouldn’t.


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