There’s certainly no denying when it comes to “half-witted loons” the Democrat’s are far-and-away ahead of Republicans. In fact, their lunacies come in clusters, with one elected legislator making an imbecilic remark, and then a short time later another elected legislator making an equally ignorant remark.


The latest imbecile is once again, our all time favorite the honorable Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaking with MSNBC’s host Graig Melvin and of course backtracking from her remarks awhile back demanding that President Trump be impeached, along with her most recent tweet that Melvin showcased on air, in which Waters posted: “The president is a liar, his actions are contemptible, and I’m going to fight every day until he’s impeached.”

Moreover, when Melvin asked what misdeeds the president has committed, Waters went into overdrive with one allegation after another, first it was the Russian connection, then it was the tax return issue, in which Waters claimed that the president paid “no taxes” reminiscent of another progressive loon, former Majority Leader Harry Reid who willfully lied on the Senate floor, accusing then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of not paying any taxes for over a decade.

However unlike Waters who’s genuinely a “fruitcake” and pretends she didn’t call for President Trump’s impeachment, Reid makes no excuses for his misdeeds, in fact, he seems proud at his willful character assassination, proclaiming; “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

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