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Most video clips seldom inspire us, and some are usually forgotten within a few short minutes after viewing, while others are down right boring, and then there are those few that simply amaze us, and this brief 4-minute clip is no doubt one of those.

Faith Graham took center stage in front of a massive Trump audience at the Phoenix Convention Center on Saturday, and simply wooed the crowd.

The articulate well spoken and self-assured speaker, may have confused a few onlookers in the audience who may have thought they heard wrong, in that she was just 13-years old.

However the announcement was correct and this young girl delivered a speech worthy of someone twice or perhaps three times her age.

Faith hidden behind the mike began her forceful well scripted monologue stating: “I imagine being happy, being safe, and being free!” And quickly took the audience though a short history lesson reminding us about our American Revolution, and referencing King George “abusing his power”, and then quickly pivoting and asking the cheering crowd, ”who does this sound like”?

Faith then pivoted once again to our own recent history and referencing Clinton by name and continued: “She lied about Benghazi, she lied about creating jobs in New York City, she uses words like bigot and racist, to take away our religious rights”.

However the biggest cheers came at the conclusion of her speech, looking directly at the cameras at the back of the Convention Center, Faith declared in a booming voice: “do you want to know why Hillary won’t be the first woman president, because I will be the first woman president!”

“Now put your fists in the air and repeat after me…”VOTE FOR TRUMP, VOTE FOR TRUMP, VOTE FOR TRUMP!”


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