If the old saying “desperate people do desperate things” is true, then Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is looking more and more like the distant second-place choice of the voters after issuing vague threats against an elected official.

Sanders’ threats came days before the Arizona primary as he faced former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who holds a commanding lead in the delegate count heading into the July convention.

Clinton supporter, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) criticized Sanders’ wife, Jane, for meeting with controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a visit to the so-called “Tent City,” saying, “If the Sanders campaign is serious about winning over Latino voters in Arizona, they need to take a less naïve approach to expressing their candidate’s policies.”

Jane Sanders visited the outdoor detention center to draw attention to what many have termed inhumane conditions, and meet with inmates and their families, agreeing to an impromptu meeting with “Sheriff Joe,” which appeared to be civil.

The candidate, however, bristled when asked about the meeting during a television interview on the local NBC affiliate before abruptly terminating it.

“Let me just tell you something. You know, what Joe Arpaio is doing is an outrage. My wife went to look at the so-called Tent City, which is something that should not exist. The fact that he crashed her meeting is, to me, very, very wrong, not something that he should have done.”

At an appearance later, Sanders delighted a small, but enthusiastic crowd of supporters, including university students from Northern Arizona University and the Navajo Reservation who cheered his attack on the sheriff.

“It’s easy for bullies like Sheriff Arpaio to pick on people who have no power. If I am elected president — the president of the United States does have power. So watch out, Joe.”

Sanders did not elaborate on how he intends to use the power of the presidency against the duly elected sheriff.



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