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One can only imagine after listening to the outgoing Obama attempting to rewrite history on ABC’s Sunday’s news show with phony journalist and Clinton surrogate George Stephanopoulos, discussing why he (Obama) believes race relationships have improved since he’s been president.

However upon hearing Obama’s ridicules claim Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wasn’t so benevolent, on the FOX Business Network’s Liz MacDonald, saying; “Obama misspoke, what he meant to say was ‘race relations have never been worse since I’ve become President of the United States’…The election of Donald Trump, we have a chance in this country to put this aside and to rebuild this nation again in terms of relations, not just on race, but between gender, economic, ethnicity...One of the first things that President-elect Trump should do in his first 100 days is to deliver a Gettysburg type address to begin to help this nation heal,”

Sheriff Clarke also took Obama to task on another controversial comment he made recently while being interviewed by Trevor Noah, stating:  “We have by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow [laws], Colonialism and racism.”

“How can the first black president stand up there and try to convince anybody that this country is still racist. When many Americans black, white, Hispanic and you name it went out and voted for that man and on the way out the door he kicks them right in their teeth, this guy is incredible,” Clarke said.
Moreover this delusional pattern of behavior by Obama since President-elect Trump captured the White House, seems designed more to convince himself that his presidency was somehow successful, and perhaps hoping after January 20th that President Trump will not completely eviscerate his legacy.

However listening to President-elect’s recent press conversance, he’s made it clear that his first order of business in to repeal and replace ObamaCare almost immediately upon taking office, and then perhaps voiding the almost 300 “Executive Orders” circumventing congress. penned by Obama.


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