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No doubt Sheriff David Clarke is a critical thinking, and well versed individual and this 27-minute video clip captures the law enforcement professional talking earnestly about this pivotal moment within our nation’s history, and whether we can save this Republic for future generations.

The good sheriff is not one to shy away from controversy, and his unapologetic endorsement of Donald Trump, is in keeping with his believe that “for the nation’s survival,” especially within this turbulent time that “challenging the prevailing liberal or progressive orthodoxy,” is what every traditional American needs to do.

Clark seated behind a desk outlines the long list of ills that is currently gripping America, he cites a failing school system, and America’s version of the 4-horsemen of the apocalypse, “unemployment, poverty, crime and education”, which has crippled families and keeps the Democrat Party in power and in control of the inner cities

Stating that “corruption has infected our government at the highest level and a significant part of the population seems unmoved” by that.

In this wide-ranging format Clarke takes the opportunity to cite examples of how great societies implode from within, and how corruption and malfeasance can corrode the foundation of any society, if not corrected.

And reminds the viewer of how our Founding Fathers decided to break away from the most powerful country in the world, for cause of freedom, and how a band of farmers and merchants took on the most feared and powerful army of the day, and defeated it…and reminds us all that this pivotal moment within our history may call upon us once again to right the course of our Republic.


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