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The tragedy of another innocent black child being gunned down, by yet another black thug is indicative of where urban America is today

The “not so dirty” little secret” that black on black crime has reached epidemic proportions, perhaps equal to the tragic death of 15-year old Trinity Gay, daughter of U.S. Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay, is the silence that once again emanates from those politicians belonging to The Congressional Black Caucus, and thus far from the White House.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke joined the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. to discuss the tragic event, and immediately asked what most were thinking; “My first question is where is Black Lives Matter in this? Where is the President in this? Who’s saying anything about this disgraceful happening here?”

Moreover silence and reluctance to address the issue that over 90% of black crime victims are committed by black criminals, is a topic that few within the mainstream media have the courage to discuss, let alone focus on, because to do so would once again highlight the willful destruction of those “family values” that secular progressives scorn, and which has given rise to the daily carnage taking place within the inner cities of America.

Within the brief video exchange Sheriff Clark once again pointed out the violence within just one weekend in Chicago, citing 37-shooting, with 7-dead, and in his hometown of Milwaukee 9-shootings with 2-dead.

With those numbers in Chicago is it any wonder why Obama uses the police as a smokescreen to cover-up his own malfeasance.


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