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The spin merchants within the progressive media were out in full force prior to the debate, each competing to get a slice of the ratings, and of course the usual suspects were at it once again attempting to spin the narrative by injecting either race or sex into the mix.

The damage had already been done by another progressive spin merchant early last week when the Washington Post leaked an audio of Trump’s locker-room “potty-mouth” description of woman’s body parts, and within moments sanctimonious progressives both in Washington and in Hollywood, along with cowardly Republican’s began to attack and abandon the Trump train, and even one over-the-hill ageing iconic actor foolishly threatened the Presidential nominee with violence, forgetting perhaps for a moment that’s a federal offence.

Like sharks smelling blood in the water the spin merchants began trashing about in a frenzied attempt to come up with a new angle, to sell to their blissfully misinformed audience and perhaps the most creative came from a guest speaker named Tara Dowdell, appearing on where else, the Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show.

Not satisfied with simply denouncing Trumps crude remarks on an open mic, Dowdell a former “Apprentice” participant doubled down with yet another bizarre angle about the audio, it apparently lacked in her mind, a racial component, stating; “So people didn’t care as much about those comments. Now that they are graphic in nature, very specific, and focused on a white woman, there seems to be a lot more concern.”

Moreover Dowdell like almost all progressives’ lives in a world of theory, a world of abstracts where logic and simple common sense seldom meet, and where simple facts are always muddled, so as to complete a narrative that supports her theory.

A prime example his her appearing on the “Apprentice” stating that it may be “absolutely possible” that the “rumors” about Trump’s behavior on the Apprentice set were true.”

Dowdell offers no evidence, no facts, similar to her playing the race card on Sharpton’s show, moreover it seems that playing free and easy with facts comes easy to Dowdell, in another bizarre exchange she says; “There is tons of allegations against him (Trump), sexual harassment, things even worse than sexual harassment.


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