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There was a time when Democrats could take the working class for granted, counting on the vast numbers of men and women who make the country run to turn out and vote “D” in every election.

It was even said the color blue to designate “Democrat” was chosen to acknowledge the “blue collar worker.”

Those days are over and, in one of the very first salutes thrown at President-elect Donald Trump came from workers at New York’s La Guardia Airport as the plane christened “Trump One” took off down the runway.

Among airport personnel, a water salute is a sign of recognition bestowed on distinguished passengers on arriving or departing planes and the workers waved as water canons on two fire trucks sprayed the Trump plane.

The newly elected president was headed from his home in New York to a meeting in the Oval Office with outgoing President Obama for their first face-to-face meeting.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, former governor of Indiana, would also meet with outgoing VP Joe Biden.

Michelle Obama would welcome her successor as First Lady, Melania Trump, to discuss the challenges of raising young children in the White House.

The Trump’s have a ten-year-old son, Barron; Malia Obama was the same age when she and younger sister Sasha Obama moved into the White House and it is thought that the two first ladies agree on the need to protect their children from the glare of publicity that encompasses their father.

Meanwhile, back at La Guardia, the airport workers and the firefighters made certain the president-elect knew they were solidly behind him and still celebrating the outcome of Tuesday’s election.


It was only the first, no doubt, of many honors and salutes to come from the people who really matter.

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