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Palestinian-American political activist Linda Sarsour is having to eat her words since she can't delete them from her Twitter account.

In 2011, Sarsour tweeted pure hatred against two young girls -- one Christian, one Muslim -- who survived the brutal practice known as genital mutilation.

"She's asking 4 an a$$ whippin'," Sarsour tweeted in reference to one of the girls. "I wish I could take their vaginas away -- they don't deserve to be women."

Unfortunately for Sarsour, a self-described "progressive" and former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, the past came back to bite her in the ah-hem during a talk at Dartmouth College on May 12.

"Hi," a young white male student began. "So, um, this question is really important because I believe that women’s rights are also human rights. So I really want to know: under what circumstances it’s acceptable to say that “I wish I could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women.” Just to give that context, that’s one of the tweets off your Twitter."

Sarsour did her best to dodge the question.

"So, let’s give some context here, because, y’know, we have — Uh, this is an event organized by an Asian American, right?" She said. "Let’s just get — let’s get some context to what is going on here. Celebrating a community, right? Talking about communities of color who are being directly impacted by this moment and I have a young white man in the back who is not directly impacted by any of the issues I mentioned."


White men are directly impacted by Sarsour's political activism, of that you can be sure. She is basically telling this hapless student that because he is a white male, his opinion doesn't count.

Sarsour then tried to deny she ever made the tweet, saying people say all kinds of "shit" in their 20s. Could her views on genital mutiliation have "progressed" that much in six years?

Don't let her words in 2017 fool you. Sarsour is a traditional Muslim woman in feminist clothing. Her goal is more power to her own people. White males need not apply.

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Source: Daily Wire

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