Grab your puke bucket, because this story will push you over the edge.

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), has no heart and no soul, and thereby lacks a moral compass. We can all be grateful that his equally evil constituents who elected this filth to our House of Representatives.

Gutierrez says a baby, in the first trimester of gestation, with a beating heart, circulatory system, limbs, and developing brain, is not a human baby:
“…in the first trimester, they’re not.”

In an exchange with Gutierrez last Wednesday, CNS News asked him to clarify:
“Is an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver a human being?”
To which Gutierrez, nauseatingly and vomit-inducing, responded:
“The Supreme Court says that in the first trimester, they’re not.”
“Okay, so what species is it if it isn’t a human being?” asked CNS News.
Dodging the question like any good evil politician, Gutierrez said he supports the Constitution and respects the laws of the land, thus he respects the decisions of the Supreme Court.

God help us all. It is men, like Gutierrez who believe they have the power to take life. Whether they hold the abortive tools, prescribe the morning-after pills, or butcher the babies, they are murderers.

It is people like him who have no will to fight for what is right, regardless of the ill-mannered and disgusting decisions of an out of control Supreme Court.

So, if the Supreme Court decided it was okay to blow people’s brains out for being conservative, or kill a baby like they do in China, or euthanize a disabled child, would Gutierrez support it?

Of course he would. After all, he is a man who follows the laws of the land.

Source: CNS News


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