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Reality seems to finally be settling in for those Muslim extremists within our government, that the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” will soon be leaving the White House and a new “guard dog” will be taking over, 1,600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and cleaning house.

Moreover those that are in key and highly secure and sensitive government positions and have radical ties to extremist groups had better get their resumes ready, especially if you belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of those individuals is Congressman Keith Ellison, who is openly anti-Israel and has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and actually holds a key sensitive position within the Department of Homeland Security.

No doubt our new Commander-in-Chief will be taking a close look at who we have guarding America’s national security interests, and having questionable government individuals with ties to radical Muslim extremist groups is simply unacceptable.

America needs to be vigilant and learn from history, that although global Jihad appears as a new phenomenon, it’s actually as old as the first nomadic Islamic tribes appearing within the Middle East,  with its roots locked within the 9th century, moreover we’ve already witnessed what has taken place all across Europe, with young radical extremists creating carnage and attempting perpetuate their radical and perverse ideology all across the world…hopefully President Trump will ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP!”


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