A self-described "queer, non-binary Black fat femme" and noted Black Lives Matter organizer has gone on record as saying all white people are subhuman racists.

Even the good ones aren't human.

Ashleigh Shackelford recently was invited to give a "diversity training" talk in front of a group of well-dressed white women at a venue that was not identified in the YouTube video.

"All white people are racist and [there will be] no coddling of white people," Shackelford says in her preamble.

She is dressed for her "lecture" in a tight green leotard get-up that could burst at any moment under the strain of her oozing largesse. Her wild hair style looks as though it got away from her a long time ago.

But when it comes to the day's "lesson" in white humiliation, Shackelford is dead serious and without mercy.

A large note pad on a stand next to her reads: "ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST. PayPal me."

Sure. Will Shackelford take a personal check?

The greatest insult of all, however, is when the unhinged Shackelford claims that "white people are born into not being human."

Allow those words to bounce around in your head for a minute.

All. White people. Are ...


Who's the real "Nazi" here?

The truly frightening thing is that these insouciant pale women sitting in the audience look about as outraged as a room full of Stockholm Syndrome victims.

It's called "white shaming" and instilling "white guilt" in one easy lesson by a large black femme who hates white people bigtime.

But it's a hard lesson and wakeup call for any self-respecting person who believes in equality and justice for all.

Would you be able to sit quietly as you were being insulted because of your race?

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