A young black thug decided he would pop off against a Merced, California cop. Granted he was pulled over for stupidity—riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Do our cops not have anything better to do than get sidewalk bike riders, skateboarders, and jaywalkers?

Regardless, this guy apparently was under the impression that the BLM movement is alive and well in one of the more conservative communities of the Golden State. Wrong!

The officer happened to be a petite female and was unable to get the kid under control. As an aside, that is a major problem. If a cop can’t apprehend a criminal, that person ought not be a cop.

Speaking as a female, you cannot call me misogynistic or chauvinistic. If I have need of a call a cop, I don’t want a smaller than me female who can’t handle the thug. Being nearly 6-feet tall, I don’t want to have to rescue the cop!  

As a cop, you can’t defend someone’s life if you can’t take care of your own. Again, regardless, she called for back-up and a larger male officer arrived. He was not about to take any lip from the punk. The male officer got the guy in check immediately.

All that said, this video looks a little questionable in terms of authenticity and I still question why the Merced cops aren’t getting real criminals off the street.

He would have likely only got a citation, but still—enough said.

Source: Mad World News


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