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Most successful business owners understand that running a business requires wearing many different hats, and although this 4-minute video is quite a departure from the Donald Trump his supporters know.

We’ve already witnessed how “the Donald” has instilled his work ethic into each of his kids, in that each of them started from the ground up, working within every aspect of the buildings industry, and learning every part of the job at hand.

Moreover watching President-elect Trump “going to work” at one of his Chicago hotel’s is actually funny to watch and quite entertaining even for “the Donald” in that he’s actually quite at home doing things that hard-working people do, which once again illustrates Trumps work ethic.

In the brief humorous video clip Trump is greeted by Paul Edgren, who instructs Trump that his duties may call for him to get groceries to walking the dog for the guests at the hotel.

Trump asks: “is he allowed to accept tips”? Which Edgren responds, “you are” Trump responds “let’s go get a guest”!

And off Trump goes looking for guests and a tip.

Moments later “the Donald” is wheeling out a cart filled with luggage, helping guests and putting the luggage into a waiting taxi, all the while Trump is making small talk, seemingly having a good time interacting with the guests…the next task required “the Donald” to walk a guests dog, which of course he handles with a smile, taking the tiny pooch outside for a walk.

Once again watching Trump playfully having a good time with the hotel staff and the guests, one can’t help but wonder how Hillary Clinton would have handled the same situation.


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