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There’s little doubt that if you’re a police officer tasked with the awesome responsibility of protecting the wellbeing of progressive politicians, especially those running for office or perhaps even within 16,000 Pennsylvania Avenue, your task no doubt must be even more emotionally stressful in light of the continuous disrespect and the almost pathologically biased and irrational view shown by this administration towards law enforcement.

There’s almost universal agreement that this administration has contributed the violence towards police officers, and the carnage that took place recently claiming the lives of 8-police officers in two different cities within a span of just two weeks by deranged racist thugs, by fanning the fires of hate, in a sustained 8-year verbal assault, on those that risk their lives on a daily basis.

It must come as welcomed relief when Presidential Frontrunner Donald Trump prior to leaving Tampa took the time from his none-stop schedule to thank those that risk their lives, in protecting his.

And no doubt Trump was mindful of that fact as he stopped to shake hands, take a few photos and offer words of encouragement to those brave police officers, out there on the front lines.

A far cry of just how law enforcement was treated just a day or so ago, as Hillary Clinton welcomed and paid homage to the mother of Michael Brown, at the Democratic National Convention, a petty thief who attacked a police officer attempting to arrest him, and ended up dead for violently attempting to wrestle the officers service revolver.

Trump is the man. What he did for these cops shows a leader who cares about the men and women who serve their communities every single day. We don't think you'll see Hillary doing anything even close to this as she ratchets up the BlackLivesMatter rhetoric.

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