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After 8 years of Obama bashing our nations police it has certainly taken its toll in insidious and disgusting ways. A Louisiana police sergeant and part-time college student was told to leave his class solely for the reason that his uniform and service revolver were triggering some snowflakes who were in class that day.

The triggered and "scared" student reported his feelings to the professor and just like that the officer was ejected.

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Jefferson Parish Police Sgt. Josh Collins told Elizabeth MacDonald that he was running late to his class at Loyola University in New Orleans and had no time to change following his shift.

During a break, the professor told him a student in the law & morality class complained of his presence in-uniform and asked him to hide his sidearm.

The campus police were called because of the incident, but told the professor over the phone there was no concern over Collins' presence.

"I have to put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments," Collins wrote on Facebook, "but today made me sad for the youth and the college I have attended for 8 years."

Collins credited Loyola administration for taking the incident seriously and trying to prevent another type of situation in the future.

But, he said he found the altercation embarrassing.


We certainly hope that when this scared student who complained about the presence of a police officer in their class needs the assistance of law enforcement, which everyone does at some point, there will be none to be found.

Do you think the Obama administration has created an environment of hatred for our nations police from constant attacks and support of the BLM movement?

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