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Gender is rapidly being absorbed by the American idea that it can be what it wants. That's great news for transgendered people who've been facing discrimination or have felt that their lives aren't on an equal playing field with others. But it's bad news when that freedom steps on the freedoms of others--and the issue has moved to that point.

New York is leading the charge in this attack on people's freedom to call people what they want with new rules that would penalize businesses or people who "misgender" someone.

"Misgendering" would include calling people "Mr." or "Mrs." who have verbally said that they prefer another pronoun and it would be costly.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed rules that would leverage a $250,000 maximum fine for businesses that refuse to call people by their preferred gender.

While many liberals are praising de Blasio's actions as a groundbreaking step towards equal rights for transgendered people, the fact remains that choosing what you want someone to call you or how you want to be referred isn't an inalienable human right.

Doesn't freedom of speech include speech which some might refer to as derogatory or insulting? That's the whole purpose of freedom of speech. It opens the door for conflicting viewpoints to interact and grow and change.

But New York is attempting to circumvent that freedom.

"Employers and converted entities [are required] to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth," state rules by de Blasio's Human Rights Law. To qualify for the fine businesses or employers would have to repeatedly keep calling an individual by a pronoun which they don't prefer.

America, is this really what we want to spend our time and effort on? Making rules that penalize people who are called the wrong word? Isn't ISIS still a problem?

Let's focus on real issues, not fake, flimsy ones.

h/t: Washington Times


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