We usually think of our war heroes as serious gun-toting soldiers, and seldom as talented patriotic entertainers; however this brief video clip will hopefully dispel that stereotype as we celebrate our nation’s independence and honor once again those young brave warriors serving in distant lands all over the world.

Trading in their M4 carbine rifle, for an assortment of stringed musical instruments Master Sergeant Peter Krasulski, Sergeant First Class Glenn Robertson, Sergeant First Class Tom Lindsey and Staff Sergeant James Little, also known as the “Six-Strings Soldiers” took us on a brief musical journey across the heartland of America, strumming their guitars and banjo, singing one of the most well-known folk songs about the wonders of America "This Land Is Your Land," on their Facebook page.

The inspiring and patriotic video captures the quartet dressed in their fatigues walking proudly in unison across America, from one location to another while beautifully harmonizing the iconic Woody Guthrie classic, depicting the essence of America.

"As we celebrate 241 years of Independence, we thank the generations of hardworking Americans from all different backgrounds and beliefs that have built this nation," they wrote accompanying the video. "We are proud to serve you!"

Although the video is brief the quartet managed to capture the spirit and true diversity (before it became political) of America showcasing rural, urban, and everything in between. Also, we dare you to simply watch without joining in, to date there have been over 3,945,244 views and counting.

Thankfully this July 4th we have a new Commander and Chief, who understands the danger to our homeland and the threat from abroad, his commitment to keep America safe and to Keep America strong is the reason why Donald Trump resides in the White House today.

Moreover especially today on July 4th, as we enjoy our family and friends, perhaps at a backyard barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer, we pause a moment and pay a silent tribute to those young men and woman serving in dangerous places and simply “thank them” for another July 4th.

Do you think America is still a patriotic country?

Tell us in the comments below if you think July 4th has become too commercial, rather than what it was originally intended?

Source: Country Rebel

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