If you thought all the IRS did was hassle groups applying for tax-exempt status, then guess again. It turns out that the International Revenue Service also monitors conservative blogs and their subsequent comment threads.

Because what else would the "understaffed" organization want to use their manpower for, right?

Currently the IRS is using comments made on a reader poll from the conservative blog Legal Insurrection to defend their position on why the names and identities of IRS workers should remain private. The poll asked readers what they thought of media outlets confronting Lois Lerner near her home. While most of the comments are insightful, there are a few that have caught the IRS’s eye. And now they’ve even gone so far as to quote these commentators in their opposition to Judicial Watch’s Motion to Compel Discovery.

One individual, in response to authorities requesting Lerner’s records relating to her involvement with the IRS controversy last year, wrote that they’d like to see Lerner gripped by the same fear experienced by taxpayers when under investigation from the IRS. This includes being, "paralyzed with fear," and "seized with spontaneous diarrhea." Another person wrote that a, "public whipping with a buggy whip would not be that far out-of-line!"

The IRS is claiming that many of the federal workers who became involved in last year’s scandal have been harassed, and even followed home. They’re citing comments made on the conservative blog as proof of serious threats being made towards their employees.

It would seem that in addition to being unable to track down the billions owed to them in unpaid taxes, or being able to locate the bulk of emails implicating Lerner in the unfair scrutiny of political organizations, the IRS is also unable to tell the difference between sarcastic comments and legitimate security risks.



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