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There are many ways to define “class” perhaps its how someone is put together in regards to fashion, or perhaps its how someone engages us in conversation, and then there are those who simply exhibit a “class act” even when those around them are clueless.

And perhaps that’s the measure of an individual like Jamaican gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt who shut down an interview with a clueless Mexican reporter, and stood silently as our National Anthem was being played.

The brief encounter took place Sunday and was captured on video when a Mexican reporter began speaking over the start of our National Anthem, when Bolt calmly interrupted her and turned towards the stage where the American athletes were being honored.

Remarkably Bolt isn’t even American, and that’s why he’s a classy guy, because in a world of self-indulgent, narcissistic people looking for their 15-minutes of fame, a world-renowned gold medalist takes that spotlight moment away from himself to simply stand out of respect for another country’s national anthem, and then politely contradicts the reporter who references him a “legend.”

It’s moments like these that separates those rare individuals, and whether it's representing your country and competing in the Olympics, or being a police officer patrolling the dangerous streets of an inner city, standing up for what is right while others are clueless, is how we should define “class!”

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