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If there’s one thing those of us on the right have learned in our daily “hand-to-hand” combat with the radical left, it’s that they’re resourceful; and well versed in turning facts into a maze of distortions, allegations and innuendo, and actually thrive in muddying up the water.

However Judge Jeanine Pirro, is one if those on the right who also “thrives” on unmasking hypocrisy, and actually reminds one of the fictitious character Van Helsing within the those “Count Dracula” films where he continually drives a stake into the heart of the beast, temporarily stopping his lust for blood.

Of course it’s only temporary and the good judge, like Van Helsing, needs to have her symbolic mallet and stake at the ready, to once again take down the beast.

Moreover when Barack Obama (the beast) decided to push the unproven and false narrative that somehow the Russians tampered with our election process and actually ordered an investigation into the unsubstantiated allegations…out came Pirro’s stake and her epic response;

“Seriously? Why Now?” Pirro said, ” You have been watching the release of information from WikiLeaks for months. You have watched the release of Hillary Clinton's emails [and] John Podesta’s emails, and the disturbing information contained therein.”

She continued; “Why are you so obsessed with Russia? You, who cut a deal and were made a fool of by… Iran– you know the one that funds Hezbollah and Hamas and whose people yell ‘Death to America’.”

No doubt the good judge is correct as usual, however this ongoing hysteria  and derangement by the loony left in response to what took place in the wee hours November 9th is once again their attempt to turn facts into a maze of distortions, allegations and innuendo. The main purpose since their humiliating defeat is to discredit the new incoming administration and once again muddy up the water.

Ironically it’s the same strategy used by the Clinton machine and by the DNC, which cost them the election…moreover the average voter is now more aware of the games played by the progressive political elites.


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