Even though the liberal media is always first to jump on the Obama train and support Hillary Clinton, it would seem their love for these two is very one sided.

A news conference was held at the White House on Tuesday when Obama showed how he really feels towards the liberal media. Obama chewed out one of the Washington Post news reporters who did the unthinkable - he asked Obama a question at the news conference.

The problem was that Obama hadn't approved of the question beforehand, said the reporter later. This just further supports the fact that mainstream media really is just one big propaganda sham.

"I appreciate you shouting out a question, since I’m sure there are a lot of colleagues of yours who would like to do the same," Obama said in a sassy tone to the reporter after he asked Obama about illegal immigration.

The conference was being held with the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renz. They were only taking a couple of questions from people that they had already pre-selected to toss soft-ball questions up for them.

Obama did end up answering the question but gave little respect with his half-hearted answer.

"Actually, David, they (illegal immigrants) spiked heavily in 2014, went down significantly in 2015, have gone back up this year in part because there’s still desperation in Central America. But they’re still not at the levels they were in 2014," Obama said.

We've seen Obama and Hillary both lose it on their mainstream media lapdogs when things don't go exactly as they had planned. It just shows how rigged the media really is. It would be nice to see them actually have to answer some real questions that don't play right into their liberal agendas.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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