Headlines were made as NYPD officers turned their backs in protest on New York City Mayor de Blasio spoke about the ambush and execution style murders of two NYPD officers Liu and Ramos to crowds outside of Woodhull Hospital. Many of the officers feel that the blood of the officers covers de Blasio's hands.

Weeks before this attack NYPD officers started to circulate a petition telling Mayor de Blasio that if they were to be killed in the line of duty, he would not be allowed to attend their funerals, because they felt that he was increasing the tensions between the public and the police force and that it was becoming very likely that an officer would be murdered by a member of the public looking to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown. The catalyst was when de Blasio spoke out telling the public that he is training his son, who is biracial, to be nice to police officers, not because his son should respect authority, but because he's afraid that police officers may kill him due to his skin color.

In the wake of the Michael Brown ruling and the Eric Garner case protests have been ramping up throughout the nation resulting in death threats to police officers, and now the atrocious murders of the Officers Ramos and Liu. With de Blasio and Al Sharpton placing blame on police officers, and completely ignoring anyone's personal responsibility for their actions, it is no wonder the public and police alike are angry. If leaders refuse to point out that some of the fault falls on the lawbreakers, and only create a show of victimization due to skin color, there will inevitably be hostility to police officers. At a time when tensions are mounting, a mayor of a city should not throw fuel on the fire by saying that he is in fear for his son's life when it comes to his potential run in with authorities. Of course, de Blasio is no stranger to using his son as political pawn, the mayor previously used him in a political ad where his son mentioned that de Blasio would be fair to people regardless of color. It's been obvious for a while that de Blasio has tried hard to prove how not racist he is, by pointing out how racist those around him are, unfortunately for the NYPD officers, they're currently the ones de Blasio has decided to wag the racist finger at.

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